Safari International Shipping Inc. provides weekly shipping to the Caribbean. We primarily do shipments to Jamaica, but serve a variety of Caribbean islands. We even help facilitate shipments to almost any other Caribbean island on request.

Our shipping services are available for both personal belongings and larger commercial items. Let us handle the logistics and rest assured that your shipments are delivered safely and in a timely manner.

You can always depend on friendly and efficient service from Safari International Shipping Inc.

Safari International Shipping Inc. provides door to door pick up and delivery services to JAMAICA ONLY.

Our pick up services are available Monday – Saturday in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. We have a fleet of trucks, vans and pickup trucks that can handle any sized shipment.

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Safari International Shipping Inc. always goes the extra mile to ensure your packages arrive to their destination safely and intact. We offer packing solutions that accommodate your shipments, both large and small.


Crates are an ideal packing solution for small commercial shippers. Safari International Shipping Inc. can build you a sturdy plywood box to protect your belongings and prevent loss. Plywood boxes can hold very large amounts and are perfect for shipments containing several square edged items that may be damaged under normal shipping conditions.


Unless you are shipping brand new appliances still in the box, your furniture and appliances will need to be packaged and shrink wrapped. We can wrap and package your items to prevent paint chipping, fabric tearing and other forms of damage.


For extra durability, we have D and E containers. These heavy duty corrugated containers are an ideal shipping solution for bulk items and particularly fragile shipments.


For smaller shipments and personal belongings, we have cardboard boxes and barrels. Rest assured that your items will always be packed to safeguard your belongings from damage.

Personal and Commercial Shipping

Safari International Shipping Inc. handles shipping for all types of cargo. We cater to both individuals and commercial clients and will ship anything from small personal items to large commercial equipment.

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Barrels
  • Boxes

Returning Customers

Returning residential and commercial shippers enjoy special pricing for packing and shipping large loads or container loads. If you are a repeat customer, be sure to ask about reduced prices.